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If you are thinking about or are in the process of starting a new charitable organization, be sure to read the book

So, You Want to Start a Nonprofit, Now What?

first and contact us to see how we can help you avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls upstart 501(c)(3) organizations face.

Our History

Your 501 Guide began in 2023 in conjunction with the launch of the bestselling book So, You Want to Start a Nonprofit, Now What? The idea is to teach nonprofit best practices and to coach those in the industry to make their 501(c)(3) the best it can be!

Our Mission

Our mission is to give each charitable organization we work with the proper tools to thrive and flourish.

References for Services:

"Michele has particular expertise in the set up and operation of nonprofit agencies and is quite skilled in the development and implementation of foundational components such as bylaws, finance and board development. Her attention to ethical, risk management and compliance considerations is praiseworthy."

- Louisa Phillips, Nonprofit Leader

"It is my pleasure to wholeheartedy recommend Michele Whetzel! She is thorough, dedicated, talented, dependable and has been in the nonprofit world for decades. Michele has been involved in the startup of three charities, has led three statewide organizations, has served as treasurer and grants chair, and has been involved with committees from governance to events. She really understands all aspects of what it takes to be a successful nonprofit and wants to help others in that quest."

- Lorraine Barclay Nordlinger, Realtor/Life Coach/Volunteer

"Michele made so many contributions to Delaware while I served as Governor. She is a real expert on non-profits, not just in theory but in practice. The state is much better off because of her leadership and knowledge"

- Jack Markell, Former Governor of Delaware/U.S. Ambassador

"I can't recommend Michele enough. She is knowledgeable about the inner workings of non profit organizations. She is the ideal go-to person for all things non profit related and I believe she would make a great support as a consultant to any organization or individual considering entering the non profit arena. She's a highly skilled professional who really listens to her clients' needs."

- Sharece Sellem-Hannah, Advocate for Education, Arts, and Workforce Development

"Michele has a unique set of abilities to connect people, synthesize ideas, and get things done! Her connections and contributions in Delaware’s non-profit ecosystem are deep and impactful. Excited that Michele is now sharing her wisdom and learnings to help others improve the impact of non-profits around the country."

- Bonnie Adler, Data Privacy Consulting Services

"Michele brings her passion and expertise to help nonprofits. Excited to see her new book come out"

- Sheila Bravo, President & CEO at Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit
Advancement (DANA)

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